6 Important Outdoor Wedding Equipment Rentals in Doral

We know that you are probably stressed out about planning the perfect outdoor wedding event. There are too many things going on, a long checklist to complete, and emotions are high as well. Outdoor weddings require an extra effort, and we want to make sure that you do not miss out on any crucial party planning rentals.

So, here’s our checklist for equipment rentals you should take care of for the big day.

1. Electricity backup
Extension cords can only stretch so far and provide limited support. Your outdoor wedding party will have plenty of lights, music, and probably other equipment that all require a reliable electric supply. Make sure you have a generator to provide the power you need.

2. Lighting
You need to ensure that the outdoor event area is brightly illuminated. Lights, when done right, do not only brighten up the space but also enhance the overall ambiance. From overhead lights, fairy lights around the sides, and spotlights on the dance floor – you need to think very carefully about your illumination needs.

3. Tables, chairs, and other seating
While most venues offer tables and chairs as part of the event setup, you need to think about the quantity you need and the design you prefer. Your guests do not want to wait for their turn to sit down. Make sure there are enough comfortable chairs with the tables with some extra seating for guests in the lobby area. As for the design, find one that matches your theme or have custom designed furniture for your outdoor wedding.

4. Dance floor

Some people do not prefer dance floors at their wedding, but we know that most people want it because they know it adds that extra flair to their outdoor wedding. Choosing the right dance floor will liven up the ambiance and provide the space for you to have your first husband-and-wife dance.

5. Sound setup
Music is the life of every party. You can have a house band perform at your wedding, but if that’s not your thing, then definitely get a reliable sound system with all your favorite wedding soundtracks. Play some smooth music in the background when people are not dancing.

6. Tent
Outdoor wedding tents do not get as much credit as they deserve. They are important for protecting your guests from drizzle, rain, and wind. If it is a daylight event, they provide the much-needed shade. If nothing else, they look beautiful and bring all of the décors together.

Outdoor weddings are hard to plan. That does not mean you should not choose to have one. They are fun, beautiful, and guests seem to enjoy them more than indoor weddings. Plan ahead, make sure everything is taken care of by the professionals at Imperial Event Rentals in Doral, Florida, and have a great wedding day.