6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Throwing a Backyard Wedding

A wedding is supposed to be the most special day in a person’s life. Everyone has their own fantasies and wishes when it comes to their wedding. It is an extremely emotional event, and many people want to enjoy a unique sentimental feel on the biggest day of their lives!
If you’re getting married soon and you wish to say your vows at a place that holds sentimental value to you or your partner, we suggest you go for a backyard wedding. Whether it is a lake-house owned by your partner’s parents or it is your childhood backyard or your grandparents’ cottage, Imperial Event Rentals can help it all more special by transforming it into your wedding venue. Planning a backyard wedding can be challenging and stressful,but when you trust Imperial Event Rentals, you quickly see why we are a leader in wedding décor in Florida. .

1.It Helps You Save Money
The first reason why you should consider throwing a backyard wedding is the amount of money you’ll save on the venue. Wedding venues are usually very expensive, and using your backyard for the big function enables you to save a significant amount of money that you can use for your honeymoon instead. And in Florida you can choose to have your nuptuals any time in the year.

2- It Is an Intimate Affair
A backyard wedding will be a more intimate affair with only your closest people present rather than a grand affair with hundreds of people you aren’t even very close to. A backyard wedding will feel cozier and will keep you and your partner more at ease.

3- It Is More Convenient
Throwing a backyard wedding is more convenient as most of the invitees would already know where you or your family lives. Also, many venues can be difficult to find or far away and difficult to find.

4- Completely Personalized Décor

The best thing about throwing a backyard wedding is that you can have the décor as per your wishes. Commercial wedding venues either have a set theme or have limitations on the extent of personalization you can have. However, you can do whatever you want in your backyard. From color theme to flower selection to the furniture to the pergola design, it is all done to suit your wishes.

5- Freedom of Date Selection
Commercial wedding venues are usually booked a year in advance (at the least). This narrows the list of options that you have. Also, if you have a particular date in your mind to get married, maybe the same date you met your partner for the first time, somtimes commercial wedding venues may not be able available. However, with backyard weddings, you get complete freedom of date. So, get married whenever you want. It is your wedding, after all!

6. You Get to Set the Rules

Another plus side of having a backyard wedding is that you get to set the rules. Unlike commercial wedding venues that have a strict list of rules that you have to comply with, you can be flexible in terms of the order of events, timings, and activities. You get to plan your wedding your way without anybody telling you what’s allowed and what’s not! Do you want to say your vows under the moonlit sky instead of the mainstream afternoon wedding? You can totally have it!

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