Tenting 101: Choosing the Right Tent for Your Party in Miami

Tents are, quite literally, blank canvases that allow you to unleash your creativity and transform your party. You can have the décor, theme, design, and style you desire. Tents give you more room for flexibility and creative ideas than an indoor venue.
No matter if it is a wedding reception, graduation party, birthday, family BBQ, or another special occasion – the right tent will help you set up the perfect ambiance for your outdoor event. So, the first thing you need to decide is which type of tent works best for your event.

Types of Tents

1. Canopies
These are small tents that provide shade to a small area. They are best suited for small gatherings or where many separate tents are required. They are easy to place and provide shelter from broad daylight and rain.

2. Frame Tents

If your party or event is on a hard floor, then frame tents are best suited for the occasion. They do not require any stakes to hold them in place, and multiple structures can be joined together to create a particular shape or separate spaces.

3. Clear Span Tents

Clearspan tents do not have internal poles and do not require stakes, much like frame tents. They can be built on a large scale for bigger events and are strong enough for prolonged use or multi-day events.

4. High Peak Tents
High peak tents are aesthetically pleasing, can cover a large area, accommodate bigger groups of people, and provide airy spaces for all kinds of events. They are ideal for weddings and large corporate events. However, they require weighted stakes all around, which require a larger space, and the central poles might block the view for some people.

5. Tension Pole Tents

These are quite similar to high peak tents, but they do not require staking in the ground. They are a beautiful and smart choice for large events.

Once you have chosen the ideal tents in Doral for your outdoor party or event, from Imperial Event Rental in Miami. You can begin working on the design, décor, and theme. You can completely alter the look and feel by tweaking the drapes, lights, flooring, floral décor, side paneling, and other features of the tent. With the right creative and aesthetic touch, tents provide an elegant and upscale vibe to all your outdoor events.