Corporate Event Tent Rental

During this time tThere may not be an event in Miami unless you have atent! The one thing that you have to worry about before anything else is renting out a tent. The only way you can host an outdoor event is if you get a tent to house your guests. There are several types of tents available, according to the location where you want to host your event.There is only one tent rental company in South Florida that will give your event that perfect look. Let the experts at Imperial party rental Miami come to the rescue.

Imperial Event Rentals will help you find the right tent for your event.Call us today and let us help you choose the perfect tent for your special event. Don’t rent for the rest, just rent from the best in Miami!

Types of Tents

There are several types of tents available, and Imperial Event Rentals have a wide variety suitableto for different events. Take yourpick and see if it is appropriate for the kind of event you’re hosting

Traditional Pole Tents

The most traditional and most common type of tents is the pole tents. They are perfect for an old-fashioned vintage look and are ideal for grassy locations.

New Century Tents

These modern tents look much like the traditional ones, but they can be equipped with a lot of other features inside, such as flooring, dance floors, and air conditioners. They are also ideal for hot weather and have a lot more color options than traditional tents.
So as soon as you’ve picked your location for your corporate event, pick out the ideal style and color of tent you’re looking for from Imperial party rental.

Tent Rental Factors

At Imperial Event Rentals, we have a variety of tents available so that you can pick out the perfect one for your event. Once you’ve made your decision, We will set up your tent for you. Some factors to consider on why you should choose us are:


Our quality of tents are must top-notch. You cannot compromise on quality with a corporate event. Cheap-looking fabric and dirty, stained tents won’t be appropriate for a formal corporate event with industry big shots in attendance.


Imperial always delivers and set the tent up on time. There are a hundred other arrangements to be made, and idleness won’t do. Tents need time to be set-up, and it should be done well in advance of the event.

Customer Service

Customer service makes or breaks the deal. Our customer service is unparalleled to none. We cater to all your demands and needs. We offer specialized services, listen to your every request.

Not Just Tents

Another important consideration is that we also offer other party rentals services in Miami. Hiring us, will save you a lot of time and stress. having just one company, for tables and chairsand other party essentials, well, that’s bonus for you.

The first step to party planning in Miami is securing the perfect tent. If you’re looking for a rental company that takes care of all party rentals in Miami for your corporate event, Imperial Event Rentals has all that you need in one place.