Double the fun with these exciting bounce house games in Hialeah

Bounce houses are super fun for kids if they are simply jumping around. But, you can double the fun for the guests at your kid’s next party with a bunch of exciting bounce house games. We can guarantee that these games will make your kid the most popular on the block and your party the most memorable one.

Here’s our guide for eight fun bounce house games you can play with your kids and their friends.

Freeze Bounce
Remember playing musical chairs with your friends when you were a kid? Freeze bounce is the modern version of the same game. All you need to play besides the bounce house is a set of speakers and music.
The rules of the game are simple. Kids begin bouncing with the music starts and must come to a standstill when it stops. Since the floor of the bounce house would still be shaking, some kids are bound to tumble. The ones to fall are out for that round, and others keep on repeating until there is a winner.
Reward: Caramelized apples

Obstacle Course
This game tests the kids on their speed and agility. Get a bounce house pre-built with obstacles or add your own using soft pillows, cushions, or yoga balls and let the games begin. Kids have to move through the obstacles as quickly as possible—the first one through wins.
This game can be played individually, or they can compete as teams. Parents can volunteer to be team captains and cheer their respective groups.
Reward: Butternut squash cheese straws

30-Second Challenge

This is yet another game where parents can be actively involved with their kids in bounce house games. Kids are supposed to bounce in a particular way, imitating animals or in different positions, for thirty seconds. Bumping into other kids, falling down, and not following directions takes you out for the round.
Instructions could vary from ‘jump like a monkey,’ ‘hop like a bunny’ to ‘bounce on one foot.’ This is a fun and quick game, so multiple rounds can be played in a short amount of time.
Reward: Chocolate brownie cake pops

Balloon Catch
Get floating balloons in various colors and tie a thread from the snout of each one. The threads should be long enough for kids to bounce high and grab them. Kids need to grab a balloon of each color without letting go of the other ones.
Balloon catch is fun to play games that add to the visual stimulation of the kids in a bounce house.
Reward: Mini pizza quiches

A Party to Remember
Your party with a bounce house from Imperial Event Rentals in Hialeah will be a hit among kids and parents with these fun bounce house games. The kids will have an exciting time with being creative and challenging each other. The parents will look forward to the next bounce house party. This is super fun for all!