Helping Small Businesses with Tents during the Pandemic

The outbreak of the potentially fatal corona virus has disrupted everything as we know it. Not only is it threatening the lives of people, but it is also putting countless businesses at risk of shutting down and going bankrupt.

Imperial Event Rentals in Miami, Florida understands that while large businesses and chains may survive, small businesses are going to suffer the most. The pandemic and the consequential lockdown have almost entirely cut down sales and profits in Miami, and not every business will be lucky enough to make it through if they don’t play it smart. Our conventional business ways won’t work here, and small businesses will have to adapt to stay afloat.

Small Businesses Affected by the Pandemic

Small businesses generally have running money; what they earn is almost always invested back into the business to make it grow. Thus, it is very common for small business owners to not have any cash in hand for emergencies like these. The coronavirus hit us so suddenly that almost nobody had time to prepare and keep money handy for the difficult times that were coming.

Small businesses still have to pay their rent and bills despite not being operational. A lot of their money is tied up in the stocks and inventory they hold, currently sitting in their stores and warehouses. Nobody knows how long this virus will stay; it could very well be a year until a vaccine is developed, and we can all resume normal lives.

In the aftermath of the virus, it is expected that thousands of small businesses will shut down, and millions will be unemployed. Individually, we can all do our parts in promoting small businesses and buying from them so they can get through the pandemic too.

Curb Side Pickup and Retail Tents

Small businesses across the globe have already taken quite a hit because of the pandemic. But tents, of all things, could come to their rescue. How?

Well, since all brick and mortar stores are forbidden to open, small businesses selling essential items can set up small retail tents on the curbs or drive through tents in some neighborhoods, where people can come get the things they need without breaking social distancing rules and putting themselves and others at risk.

People don’t even have to get out of their cars to buy stuff like groceries, spices, sanitary products, and the likes; they could be directly served in their cars. The amount of people allowed to come through or get off can be regulated and directed. 

This way, small businesses can keep their businesses running, without breaking any laws, and come out of the pandemic as survivors.

So if you are the owner of a small business, you can get a small retail tent or a drive-through tent in Miami to run your business through. Imperial Event Rentals has a large collection of quality retail tents in Miami for you at very affordable rates. Let’s lift each other up during this crisis, and may we all emerge stronger than before!