How Event Companies Are Adjusting to COVID-19

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has become a widespread pandemic, infecting millions of people across the globe. Its danger comes from the fact that there is no known cure yet, and those who are older or have preexisting conditions are at high risk of succumbing to the virus.

In response, the world has shifted from one of gatherings and social entertainment to one of isolation as we quarantine to protect ourselves and those around us. Concerts and music festivals have been canceled. Restaurants and movie theaters have closed their doors. Special events like weddings and birthday parties have been postponed.

With so many events being altered to protect people from the spread of COVID-19, it leaves us wondering about the fate of event companies and how they are weathering the storm. In this blog, we’re taking a deeper dive into how event companies are adjusting to COVID-19. Check out these three ways event companies are responding to the pandemic.

1.  Putting Safety First

As we enter the reopening phase of the pandemic, there is an emphasis on safety when it comes to how we open our doors to the public. Local and federal governments have made it clear that we’re safer outdoors than indoors. This means that outdoor seating and events in Miami held in the open air are widely approved compared to packing people in enclosed spaces.

Event companies are following this trend, catering to outdoor events, and accommodating outdoor gatherings. Party tent rental companies are renting out temporary tents and structures so that more events and dining can place outside. Tents provide structure and shelter as well as a safer, open-air setting. Event companies are also providing extra chairs that are weather-resistant and tables to accommodate outdoor seating, such as at a restaurant or party.

2.  Participating in the Cause

One of the most important ways we can prevent ourselves from catching and/or spreading the virus is by getting tested. You’ve probably turned on the news and seen the long lines of cars waiting at coronavirus testing sites in your area. Large arenas, stadiums, venues, and parking lots have been converted into COVID-19 testing sites to accommodate the large volume of people flooding the gates.

With this volume comes the demand for more equipment. All testing is done outdoors to minimize the possible spread of the virus. Therefore, medical facilities are requesting more chairs, tents, and tables to keep testers sheltered and their equipment safe from the weather. Event companies are stepping up to fill this demand, sometimes renting out or donating the use of their tents for coronavirus testing. In times like these, it’s important we stand together and do what we can to play our part in giving back to the community and reducing the spread of the virus.

3.  Keeping Customers Updated

And with so many changes caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, event companies have been sure to update their customers every step of the way. Are they still renting out equipment? What new regulations are in place to ensure each rental piece is being properly sanitized for the safety of consumers? How is the event company giving back to the community? These are the questions customers want answers to.