Keeping You Covered, So That You Can Stay Safe

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 2 million people get married annually. Unfortunately, large weddings and large events are temporarily postponed in the wake of the global pandemic, but small, intimate events are still possible and enjoyable.

As states try to begin reopening, including Florida, they are requiring gatherings with restrictions. This includes weddings, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations to name a few. The truth that we are going to be under some form of restriction for some time in the near future has us thinking about enjoying these important events in a safe, and intimate way. There are several questions that many need answered to ensure this important factor of safety. We will offer answers to these questions to help you achieve your goals.

How to Keep Your Event As Normal As Possible

We know that we cannot stop living life and we must continue to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and another important life milestone, like a graduations and baby shower. So how do we keep these treasured events special normal as possible?

You should begin with contacting a party rental company in Miami like, Imperial Event Rentals, can offer all the necessary equipment to host an event completely outdoors, keeping guests safe. Party rental companies can offer everything from tent rentals, tables and linens, chairs, accessories, bar and bar stools, and outdoor dance floor rentals.

One way of keeping these events normal is by behaving normal and keeping a positive and uplifting attitude. If you are planning your event in the summer months perhaps in Miami, Florida, you may want to consider hosting this evens in the evening. Look at the bright side of things such as, how an outdoor event can offer more freedom to be creative and safe. Begin by planning to set chairs and tables apart. Order large tables so your guests can sit farther apart than usual to avoid transmission. Also, offer themed masks, to make it fun and so your guests feel comfortable wearing masks, if that’s their preference.

 Peace of Mind for You and Your Guests


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