Medical and Quarantine Tents

As the world is swept up in the wave of a deadly pandemic, it has really refocused our attention to what’s more important.

During these difficult times, many tent rentals have come to the rescue of the welfare and medical workers by providing accommodation for medical tents and quarantine quarters. Companies that were previously working to provide tents to happy couples getting married or people throwing parties are now realizing the need of the hour and instead are turning their focus to medical and quarantine tents.

Imperial Event Rentals tents are very high quality and hygienic and sanitized, and must protect the people and doctors inside from the elements of the weather. We assure our medical and welfare staff that our tents are made of superior material and can serve whatever purpose it is put to.

Medical Tents

If you plan to use drive-through tents in Miami for administering medical and testing services, then perhaps you need to specify requirements too. All across the US, drive-through tents have been put up to make the process of screening, registering, and testing people easier and quicker, with far less chances of transmittal of the virus. Drive-through medical tents are used for pre-screening, screening, testing, and accommodating the medical staff workers and storing contaminated medical gear for disposal later.

Quarantine Tents

Hospital wards were not made to accommodate so many people at a stretch. Hospitals around the world are falling short in providing enough beds and rooms for the COVID-19 positive patients, and yet have sufficient space for catering to people suffering from other diseases and complications. The perfect solution to this is to keep patients isolated in quarantine tents, which are sealed and covered from all sides, away from the hospital. These tents are equipped with doctors, medical staff, and every other facility that these patients would get at a formal hospital.

What to Ask For When Purchasing Tents?

There are a couple of basic questions that you must be able to answer for us to provide you with the best possible tent for your objective. Ponder over the following:

  • ·         What do you need the tent for?
  • ·         How long will the tent be in continuous use?
  • ·         How many people are you looking to accommodate?
  • ·         Where are you planning to set up the tent? How muc