Medical Tents for the COVID-19 Pandemic

In these testing times, with a  global pandemic on the loose, we are all trying to the best of our abilities to accommodate and adapt to the unique needs and demands of these unprecedented times, as best as we can. Along with medical supplies, healthcare workers, we also need quality medical tents to put up with the large influx of COVID-19 patients every day in Florida.

Keeping that in mind, Imperial Event Rentals are producing and selling medical tents to help the situation.

Rental Guide

We understand the need for medical tents at this time, and we have stepped up to offer more to meet the growing demand. As we all fight this pandemic, Imperial Event Rentals continues working day in and day out because we have been recognized as an essential company in renting medical tents across Florida.

Here is a rental guide for what you should be considering when purchasing medical tents.

Surface Quality

The surface that the tent is going to be propped up on matters, and is one of the first factors that you should inform us of. Whether the tent is going to be erected on a grassy surface, sand, concrete surface, or the curb is going to determine the kind of pole and equipment that need to be provided for convenient and secure setup.


Another important factor that you must consider and gauge before choosing a tent is the capacity. Considering the situation right now, we’re assuming you will be getting plenty of traffic, and sufficient distance between patients. Medical tents come in various sizes to hold different capacities. You can choose smaller tents for disaster relief and COVID-19 testing or larger ones for creating temporary quarantine zones.

Due Date

The final piece of information we will require from you is an estimate of when you need the tent in hand. We are working full-time to meet the excessive need right now, but having a timeline in our head helps make timely deliveries of medical tents to everybody that needs the, from government relief centers to hospitals and clinics.

In these trying times, we are all trying to do our part to aid and support medical and frontline workers. This buying guide will hopefully make choosing and placing orders for medical tents easy and less time-consuming.

If you are in need of medical tents in Miami, reach out to Imperial Event Rentals. Our representatives and salespeople will guide you in buying the best possible medical tents keeping your objective in mind at very reasonable rates.