Picking the Correct Bounce to Keep Kids Safe

Imperial Event Rentals in Miami, Florida, knows bounce houses are a ton of fun for children of all ages, but picking the right bounce house for your event is important to get the most enjoyment out of it. A bounce house that’s too big for young children can be dangerous, while one that’s too small for older people is no fun at all. First, you’ll want to consider a bunch of different factors when you’re looking at the available bounce houses in Miami we offer. Picking the one that’s right for your event is crucial to ensure a successful party. Writing everything down in a planner is helpful when gathering the information for planning your event to simply knowing your budget and the age of the attendees. The budget should be the first item you consider so you can figure out how many people are going to be attending your event. This is important for many factors; for example, when you’re considering renting one or more bounce houses or other inflatables, you need to know the number of people who will be interested in using them. A birthday party for a handful of young children can have a small bounce house. However, a larger party with a lot of children may want more than one small bounce house or decide on a larger bounce house. A gathering such as a corporate outing with families in attendance may want to splurge on several larger bounce houses, including those with slides. Always consider, more attendees mean either more bounce houses or a larger bounce house.

Which Bounce House Is Best for my Event

Also, for safety, every bounce house has a cap on the number of people who can be inside using it at any given time. Knowing in advance your guest count will allow you to not only have enough bounce house for safety. For example, a bounce house will typically have manufacturer instructions specifying the minimum and maximum height and weight for people using the inflatable. Children can vary quite a bit in both size and weight for any given age. Thus, saying a bounce house is suitable for “ages 5-10” or what have you isn’t going to be very accurate. Instead, you want to consider the height and weight of the children who intend to use the bounce house. If you aren’t sure of the ages, heights, and weights, you might consider renting more than one bounce house to cover an array of different sized young people. There are very small bounce houses designed to be safe and fun for toddlers and very young children. Most bounce houses, however, tend to be geared towards a slightly older audience. Then, there are bounce houses with slides that are perfectly suitable for adults as well. You could end up renting three or more to cover the full range of ages and sizes of people attending your event.

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Finally, you want to keep the party going and keep guests entertained by also avoiding long lines, so more than one bounce house is always recommended. The age of the attendees will matter to a certain extent, with bounce houses. If they are very small, then a smaller character bounce house would be perfect. But if they are preteens or a combination of ages, then you may want to get something more exciting for that age group. Whatever you choose, Imperial Event Rentals in Miami has a large selection for any event.