Reliable Rental Party Equipment

When planning a party you have a lot to do. Drawing up a guest list, deciding on a menu, picking out the outfit – these are just some of the important things that you need to get done. But what about setting up the place for a party? Well, you can worry about that later as you can easily get all the party essentials from rental shops.

But what exactly do you need to rent out? These are some of the most basic things you will need to execute a fun and successful party.

Tables and Chairs

Where will your guests sit and eat if you don’t have tables and chairs set up at your party venue? While the nature of the event decides whether guests spend most of their time sitting or standing, you need to provide some sort of seating and eating space for people who are tired of standing. Tables have to be set up for the refreshments or meals that you will serve and for other purposes, too, such as displaying medals at an award function.

Chairs and tables are of different qualities and types, too, and you need to pick one that is appropriate for the kind of event you’re hosting. Formal wooden tables and chairs might be best for official events, while plastic ones might do for a birthday party.

Table Linen and Accessories

To go with the theme of your event or to just step up your class, table linens are a great choice. They can cover the tables and complement the ambiance of your party environment.

Bare tables don’t look too appealing, so consider decorating the table with candle stands or flower vases to ensure that they don’t look too bland. There are plenty of table accessories options available, so find something that resonates with the party.


You can’t throw an outdoor event without a tent. Tents provide some much-needed shade during a daylight event and protection from excess wind or slight rain. Tents also contribute to the overall appearance of the party, so choose one that looks best with your theme and décor.

Tents also come in various styles. Some have a covered ceiling, while others don’t. Some are open from the sides while the others are covered. Some have windows. Some have raised trapeziums. Some are round, and some are rectangular. They are also available in all sorts of colors, so you have a lot to choose from.

If you’re throwing a party, then you need someone to rent out specific party essentials from. When you need party rental equipment in Miami, know that Imperial Party Rentals is at your service. We stock everything including tables, chairs, linen, décor, and tents. Choose what will be appropriate for your party and rent it from us at affordable prices for as long as you need.