Tents and Drive-through Tents during the Pandemic

Imperial Event Rentals has been a key player supporting, hospitals, restaurants, and testing facilities as we go through the worst pandemic we have seen in a century. Thousands and thousands are testing positive for the virus every single day, with many losing their jobs and livelihoods to support themselves and their families through this crisis. 

The population is in isolation, with only medical and essential workers out on the streets, trying to keep the world running. Businesses are doing everything they can to help the situation and the frontline workers by adapting quickly and smartly to the situation so they can keep afloat during these troubled times, and also play their part in helping the society.

Likewise, tent rentals have altered their business strategy right now and are prioritizing renting out tents to government agencies, welfare services, and independent hospitals and clinics for carrying out necessary relief work. Five ways that tents are helping in the fight against the COVD-19 outbreak are

Food and Medicine Distribution

Tents and drive through tents are being utilized at many food and other essential material distribution centers. The tents are set up on streets and curbs, with a limited number of people inside. People can drive-through the tent and get what they need, ensuring no crowds gather in such areas.

Drive-through Testing

The drive-throughtents are also perfect for administering testing kits. People who are showing symptoms can approach these tents from the safety of their cars, and get the stationed doctors to test the, for coronavirus, eliminating the need for long lines and dangers of transmission.

Donation Acceptance and Volunteer Signu

The relief workers are struggling. The demand is far too great, and the systems are collapsing. Thus, appeals for donations are underway, and people are being requested to step up and volunteer in any way possible. These tents are being utilized to collect and store donations of all sorts.

Triage Tents

Hospitals are overflowing, with patients making their way amidst panic that they might have contracted the virus too. Almost all hospitals have set up triage tents outside their premises to screen and manage the crowd inside the hospitals. The triage tents are well-equipped with medical staff and facilities, who are providing treatment to milder cases and directing severe cases inside.

Quarantine Facilities

People who are testing positive and cannot be quarantined at home, because of insufficient facilities or other factors or diseases that might make their prognosis life-threatening are being quarantined in hospital wards or outpost quarantine facilities established in tents (with walls and covers) so that hospitals are still capable of handling other serious cases too.

On your weekly grocery drive, you might have noticed many tents and drive-through tents serving people. Imperial Event Rentals  has been one of the leaders renting many tents at affordable rates to help the country through this crisis.