Tents for Medical Shelters

With the coronavirus outbreak, health care systems around the globe are collapsing. In Florida, hospitals don’t have enough space, there are not enough doctors and healthcare staff, the governments are not prepared for the scale of the virus and how quickly it has spread and continues to spread.

These times are unprecedented, and everybody has to adjust to keep up. All of us, if we band together, can defeat this. But we need to be careful and creative with our resources so we can counter the outbreak and contain it while providing the necessary medical and shelter aid to people who are suffering.

With hospitals running low on spaces, around the world, tents have been erected to cater to coronavirus patients. Medical shelter tents provide all sorts of services to those who are exposed to the virus and aim to give them the best possible medical attention and care.

Imperial Event Rentals is also offering their spacious and high-quality tents up for rent, so more and more medical shelters can be set up, and access to quality health care can be extended to all those who need it.

Imperial Tent Rentals wants to play its part in helping the country fight this pandemic and is willing to do whatever necessary. We believe that our tents are excellent for the purpose and would really help make a difference in the fight against COVID-19. Some reasons you should choose our tents to use as medical shelters include

Affordable Rates

In times like these, we are offering very low rates for rentals on our tents so hospitals and governments can put up tents without incurring huge costs. We will accommodate your budget for however long you need the shelters for.

Superior Quality

With our tents, you don’t need to worry about quality. The tents are waterproof and will protect the medical gear and equipment in times of rain and storm. They are strong and durable, so there is no fear of ripping or tearing. They also are easy to clean and have excellent pegs that will not let a bit of wind rip it away.

Wide Variety of Sizes and Designs

We have a ton of variety in terms of types of tents, their sizes, colors, and designs. Whether you need a canopy tent for a drive-through or a sealed one for quarantined quarters, Imperial Tent Rentals have everything in stock. Let us know what you need it for, and we will suggest the perfect kind of tent for you.

Imperial Event Rentals is proud to assist the frontline workers and medical staff of this country. With this dedication, we will all get through these testing times.