Important Things to Consider When Renting a Bounce House

Many people do not consider the amount of space you have available to set up bounce houses and how much area of your yard they can take up. Imperial Event Rentals in Miami, Florida, has many years in the industry, and this is just one of many things we will remind you of when planning your event. It is crucial that you’ll have enough space to fully inflate the bounce house while keeping away from obstacles such as walls that could lead to a dangerous situation, such as nearby trees that could puncture or damage the bounce house. You will also need to leave some room to tie down the bounce house, as well as space for any generators if they are necessary to keep the bounce houses inflated. Some small bounce houses are small enough to be used indoors safely, in a large room or gymnasium. Keep in mind that your bounce house will need a source of power to feed the blower, and that power might not be available from a typical outlet. You can’t run a generator indoors as the carbon monoxide is a health hazard, so keep this in mind as well.  Finally, remember that the blower is very loud, and noise in an enclosed space can be unpleasant to your guests.

Consider Your Guest Ages

Most of the smallest bounce houses tend to be about six feet on a side, with low ceilings and a small amount of bounce to be suitable for young children and toddlers. Larger bounce houses, seven to eight feet on a side, are more suited to young children above the age of 5-7. Children from ages 8 to 12 or so, depending on their height and weight, maybe enjoy the 11 and 12-foot bounce houses instead. And, of course, there are larger inflatables, 20-30 feet to a side, available for older children and young adults, or larger groups of younger children. No matter what age or size the children or adults using a bounce house, make sure you have someone on hand to supervise the situation. Modern bounce houses can have tunnels, slides, and more exotic shapes built-in, for a wider variety of fun for older kids, teens, and adults.

Bounce houses alone are great for simple jumping and bouncing safe fun.

Hybrid bounce houses have additional features, such as small slides or tunnels built into them, to give more available activities to those playing in them.

Full-size inflatable slides can be much larger than bounce houses, though they typically only have one activity available, that being sliding down them.

Water slides are inflatable slides with additional water added to make it a smoother sliding experience, coupled with a pool at the end for a fun landing.

Consider Budget

Finally, Imperial Event Rentals knows that budget is very important when renting bounce houses. So consider the cost and ask us for price options. You must consider the number of guests and the amount of money you have available to spend on rentals. Remember that, in addition to renting bounce houses to entertain your guests, you’ll have other expenses with any event you choose to run. Things like a catering budget, food trucks, venue rental, surcharges for power and water usage, prizes for games, fees for bands and other entertainers, and a whole lot more can add up. Keeping all of these considerations in mind might seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier once you have an idea of your guest list. Just make sure to get people to RSVP so you know how many children of what ages and sizes are attending,