Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe in a Bounce House

We know that bounce houses brighten up kids’ parties in South Miami. Kids love them as much as candies and ice cream. Parents, on the other hand, are often concerned about the safety of their kids in a bounce house.
We won’t deny that accidents sometimes do happen during a bounce house play, but that is no reason to strike them out of your party checklist. Bounce houses are fun for kids and can be very safe when parents follow simple precautions and rules.
It is a simple and fun activity for parents and kids. We rent bounces houses in Florida, and thousands of kids have had a memorable, fun time playing in our bounce houses. Here’s what you can do to make sure your kids are safe.

1. Adult Supervision is Necessary
Parents need to keep a close eye on what’s happening inside a bounce house. As you won’t leave your kid alone for a swim at the beach, so shouldn’t you let them play unsupervised in a bounce house.

Kids might fall or need help, and it has been observed that it is difficult to hear them over all the noise. Parental supervision takes care of that problem as you should be able to see if a kid needs assistance or immediate care.

2. Check if the Bounce House is Properly Tied Down
Always check that the bounce house is securely tied and weighed down on all corners before you let your kids jump in. Accidents of this nature are easily avoidable if the proper procedures are followed.

Some companies use short plastic tie-downs or stakes to keep the bounce house in place. They just don’t work. Large steel stakes work best in ensuring the bounce house will remain steady as your kids have fun in there.

3. Take Note of the Weather
Lightning storms, strong winds, and other similar weather conditions can prove to be extremely hazardous for kids playing in a bounce house. As a responsible company, we refuse service if the weather conditions are not suitable to set up a bounce house. Parents should ask the kids to leave and move away from the bounce house if the weather changes during the play – no matter the tears and protests.

4. Separate the Young Ones from Older Kids
It is never a good idea to let kids of different age groups play in the same bounce house at the same time. Bigger kids can either bounce the smaller ones too high or bump them around. Bounce house bullying is another thing you want to keep an eye out for. Either let them play in turn or get two separate bounce houses.

5. Deal Only with Bounce House Professionals
Make sure that you are dealing with trained and professional bounce house companies. It is their duty to provide your kids with a safe environment to play. You won’t risk your kid’s health by taking them to a shady doctor, so why take a risk with their safety by going to just about anybody with a bounce house? Serious bounce house rental companies take all the necessary precautions and are trained to keep your kids safe as they bounce around with joyous laughter.

Bounce houses should not be labeled as dangerous and shunned from all the parties. Accidents do not happen because of the bounce house, but because people are sometimes negligent and do not follow precautions. Parents should follow these precautions and work only with professional companies to ensure an incident-free, fun, and enjoyable party for everybody.