We Can Still Have Halloween with Covid-19

Imperial Event Rentals in Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach is offering suggestions to keep this Halloween fun yet safe. We know that everyone loves this time a year when we are dreaming of fall and Halloween! The excitement of costumes and candy, scary make-believe, trick-or-treating and fun decorations for everyone to enjoy is a fall tradition no one can resist. Yet now in the wake of coronavirus, this Halloween, we will need to be much more cautious so we can keep ourselves and our children safe.

To help you prepare, we have listed a few great ways to ensure our kids have tons of fun while maintaining all the recommendations to staying healthy.

1. Go BIG on decorating

This may be the year to pull out the stops decorating in and outside your home and to do it just for the fun of it. String up some lights. Rent in a fog machine. Stuff some old clothes to make a headless scarecrow for a DIY project. Carve multiple pumpkins and have a family contest and ask neighbors to vote on their favorite. Don’t carve your pumpkin too early. We suggest a couple of days prior to Halloween, so your pumpkins are fresh.

2. No grab bowls

We need to rethink the way we pass out candy as well. Kids crowding around the door and expelling potentially virus-laden droplets as they shout “trick or treat” is not a good idea, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find other ways to pass out candy. Many recommend individually bagging treats and leaving them on a table on your driveway for children to take as they walk by. You can wave from the porch, replenish between visits and keep an eye on little visitors who want to take more than their share.

3. Keep it indoors

Another idea is to fill a Halloween bag with candy, hide it in your house and then turn off the lights so your children can search for the goodies in the dark. Variations on that theme could include a scavenger hunt in the house or yard, or a set of clues for older children to decipher.

4. Glowing eggs

Break out those plastic eggs that you use for Easter and decorate them with scary faces or anything that represents Halloween. Fill the eggs with candy and hide them around the house or outside in your front and backyard. If you stuff them with glow sticks, you can even turn out the lights or search the yard at night for eerie, glowing eggs

5. Halloween Movie Night

Haunted houses are not recommended, but you can screen Halloween-themed movies outdoors if weather permits. All you need is to rent a projector and a screen, and there is your movie. The nice thing about home-based scary movies is you can adjust the scare-o-meter to fit your family’s tastes. If you want to invite other families, try buying some hula hoops at a dollar store and establish six-feet boundaries between family groups. And, of course, provide each group with its supply of treats, so no one is sharing popcorn or other items from the same bowls. Renting a popcorn machine adds extra fun!

7. Boo someone, sweetly

Think of “booing” someone as a kind of random act of kindness for Halloween. Wrap up a Halloween treat, drop it at a neighbor or friend’s door, ring the bell and run like crazy. The idea is to spread some holiday cheer. We suggest making some nice notes with candy anonymously. However, we suggest sending a text to alert recipients to the arrival of a neighborly sweet treat, so it doesn’t get tossed in the garbage.

Imperial Event Rentals in Miami rents many of the items listed, and we can help you prepare for a perfect Halloween right in your own home.