Your Concession Stand Machines Make Party's More Fun

Don't underestimate the value of concession stand machines. Its success is fundamentally linked to the objectives of your event. What would an event in Miami be like without the smell and taste of fun foods? Whether it brings back memories of yesterday or creates memories for today's youth, Imperial Event Rentals offers fun food machines & supplies that will add that extra flair to your special event. Our concession stands rentals are the perfect entertainment. Movie theatre tasting popcorn still warm from the popper; fluffy, sweet, sticky cotton candy on a stick; refreshing, ice-cold snow cones, and delicious hot dogs were all invented for special events.

Take the refreshing snow-cone treats where they need to be with one of our machines. The snow-cone cart will be the hit of every party! Add ice to the shaving arm and turn the unit on; watch as the deluxe shaving system transforms ice into a delicious cold, easy and fast. Make your own scrumptious slushes and party drinks right at home.  

Instantly upgrade your party at home with this commercial-grade popcorn machine with a whimsical red color. With a kernel measuring cup and oil measuring spoon included, you can pop consistently mouth-watering popcorn every time. This large-capacity kettle makes 10 cups of delicious popcorn per batch, so it's a great option for entertaining friends and family at home, in a park, or a venue. Use it as a centerpiece for kids' parties and informal gatherings or treat yourself to a cup of fresh popcorn while enjoying a night in with your favorite movie.

Imperial Event Rentals a cotton candy machine that features a large bowl with a cover guard and cone shelf holder. Or for premade cotton candy, rent our colorful cotton candy holder. All supplies are ready to go and include enough for a certain number of guests, so be sure to ask in advance to have enough for every guest.

This hot dog stand rental is a fun way for guests to select and make their hot dogs at a picnic or party. It's also a great item for organizations to use at ball games, fairs, kids' birthday parties, pep rallies, and other special events. Serve up a delicious hot dog and treat your guests to America's favorite treat! You must provide hot dogs, buns, and condiments.

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