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Delivery Information

Dear customer, Thank you for choosing Decora and events Rentals. Please read carefully our rental agreement, you will be held responsible for all the policies stated on this agreement.

Important Please note that our delivery rates are based on a first floor delivery within 50 feet of where the truck will be parked. We usually send one or two drivers depending on the volume of the rental products, we never send more than 2 workers unless customer specifies that delivery is complicated.Please call the office if your delivery has any of the following characteristics

-delivery to a second floor or higher

- Delivery to more than 50 feet away from where the truck will be parked

- Delivery must be finished before a specific time

*****When the driver arrives, the client should know where the products will be dropped off. Waiting time for driver must not exceed 10 minutes

***** Drop off rules: Drivers are not allow to deliver items through houses, if for any reason client requires this, customer and only customer will be responsible for any damage caused by drivers.

If your order includes set up, customer must be guiding the personnel to make sure they don’t break or damage anything.

Delivery times: Your delivery has been scheduled for a specific period of time, if you fail to comply with this schedule, the driver will continue with his assigned route. To schedule a second delivery you will need to call the office.

Pick up times: The pickup time can be scheduled with the office only; we are not responsible for any pick up scheduled with the driver with the exemption of parks pick up. First pickup attempt will be included on the delivery fee. But any subsequent pickup attempt will incurred in a $20.00 charge.