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Portable Restroom

Cater to your guests with our 2 stall Luxury Restroom Unit, the epitome of comfort and elegance in outdoor sanitation.Designed with three spacious toilet facilities and one urinal, this upscale unit ensures maximum convenience for all attendees. It's the perfect choice for your distinguished event, ..
-Size:15'1"L x 5'7" W x 8'3" H-Description:MEN (1) ·         One private stall with toilet and urinal and motion sensor sinkWomen (2)·         Two (2) private stalls each with toilet and motion sensor sink · &nb..
- Size: 19' L x 7'5" W x 8'3"H-Description:MEN (4) • Two (2) private stalls with toilet• Two (2) sinks and two (2) urinal and motion sensor sinksWomen (3) • Three (3) private stalls each with toilet• Two (2) sinks with motion sensor sinks • Each trailer is equipped with LED light..
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